Microfiber Stylus

I have been looking for a stylus for handwritten input on both the Nextbook and a Toshiba Thrive. Most of the rubber tipped styli I’ve tried are not useful because they tend to stick to the screen a little when moving across it. Kind of like a tennis shoe on a waxed floor – not conducive to handwriting.

I found a great inexpensive option in the New Trent Arcadia Stylus on Amazon. Rather than a rubber tip, these styli have a microfiber knit tip that is very soft and slides across the screen effortlessly. Being knit material, I suspect that there is a limited lifespan, but the retractable design of this stylus helps to protect it when not in use. In any case, they are relatively inexpensive at only $10.95 for two of them, one black and one white.

Writing on any capacitive screen is actually pretty enjoyable with the Arcadia even though it has a rather blunt tip. It’s actually not that difficult to create a decent handwritten note in a program like Inkredible or Handwrite, and handwriting recognition in Swype works quite well. The blunt tip does leave a little to be desired when it comes to drawing, however.

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